Historic Truman Depot


JCGS is an all-volunteer society with no full-time office or help; therefore experienced, part-time volunteers perform all research we undertake on a first-come, first-served basis as time permits.

A fee of ten dollars ($10) per surname/per hour is required in advance, payable to JCGS at the mailing address (PO Box 1133, Independence, MO 64051), to begin any type of research.

Please advise us as to what records you expect us to search or to find, and give a brief description of what information you have found that may help lead us to further results. The basic fee of $10 includes one hour of research on your behalf, and may be waived for simple requests.

We are currently unable to accept research requests by email because we do not have the ability to accept credit card payments. However, you may complete and submit the form below to receive an estimate of the time and expenses related to your request. If information is found, the charge will consist of the original $10 fee for one hour of research, plus the cost of any copies @ 20 cents per page for books and/or $2.00 per marriage, obituary, or other computer/microfilm/original copies, plus postage (if SASE was not enclosed). If additional research is needed, please indicate how much you are willing to spend to continue the search.

Our volunteer researchers use the facilities of the Jackson County Genealogical Society and the Mid-Continent Public Library (Midwest Genealogy Center) as well as other local repositories. If information is not found, a report will be sent outlining records that were searched, but the $10 research fee will not be returned.

We reserve the right to request that you seek the services of a professional genealogist. We thank you for your interest in Jackson County ancestors. If there are questions, please correspond with us using the PO Box address.


The Library Committee

Please print and complete the following PDF form (Research Assistance Form) and mail it with your deposit to: JCGS Library, P.O. Box 1133, Independence, MO 64051. For more information please contact the Library Committee or write to the address above.